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Name used on List: Sherry 
Private Email address:
Location on the earth: Crimora, VA 

I am due with my fourth on 1/2/99.  It is supposed to be a boy.  We are going to name him Aaron Joseph.  I have an 8 year old boy, Nathan, a 4 year old girl, Emily, and a 2 year old girl, Kaitlyn.  I am a SAHM.  I am planning on using cloth diapers and breastfeeding this little guy.  I am also a believer of *attachment parenting.

*Attachment parenting is what is natural for me.  Carrying babies around in a sling, family bed, letting our children grow at their own pace.  Also having the children a part of our daily life and not excluding them.  I belong to a website called Moms On-Line.  They have a site called attachment parenting. Dr Sears is a believier in this way of parenting.  His books are very helpful.

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