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Name(s) used on List:  Deamon_Grrl ( Mari) 
Private Email address: 
Web-Page addresses: 
When I joined this list:  October 22, 1998 
Location on the earth: Arkansas 

  I'm 22 yrs old and originally from Chicago. I'm into writing, reading, drawing, and artsy junk like that. I'm clinically depressed and curently med free for the pregnancy. I met my husband via the internet (IRC) almost 2yrs ago. We moved to Arkansas, he from Texas and I from Illinois, and were living together for almost a year before we got married on July 2, 1998. I found out a little over a month later that I was pregnant. My due date is April 19, 1999. 

Here is John and I

Here is John

And here is the Baby at 12 Weeks!

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