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Expecting Parents ~ Meet Our Members

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My name is Emanuela Fuin, my friends call me Manu. I was born on a hot morning of august 8, 1966. My zodiacal sign is Leo. I live in Rome, Italy. I have one boy,
Edoardo born on November 6, 1984 
(4.200 kg - about 
11.25 lbs!!!) 
and a daughter, 
Guendalina, born 
on the 1st of 
January 1986 
(9.37 lbs)
I married Gianfranco on December 30, 1994 (my beloved 2nd husband) and I am actually expecting our child, due for May 12 or so.
I work as a translator for English, 
French and Italian, and love to dance, 
read, go to the cinema 
and enjoy scuba diving
(at least I dived
                                      until pregnant...)
This time I'm just feeling it's a girl... :0)
Here are some pics of me,the ultrasound (14 wks)... teens, my marriage and  of my little baby-joy.
Feel free to e-mail me at

And that is all about:
Mom to Edoardo (11.6.84), Guendalina (1.1.86)
and ??? (5.99)

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