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Hi everyone! My name is Christie, I am 28, I'm 15 weeks pregnant with my first! I'm due May 1st 1999. My boyfriend, who is 30, and I have been together for 3+ years. this will be his 5th child, but he has 3 boys 14,7,and 5. He lost his baby girl when she was a few weeks old from heart and lung probems. So were hoping for a girl!  We like Country music! ( and oher
music except rap) My favorite Singer is Reba McEntire! I love animals! I have a dog, cat, and 2 cockatiels. My boyfriend also has an iguania but we're going to sell her or give her away! My boyfriend is a huge Steelers fan!  I like Chating on the web, horse back riding,Drawing,writing Poetry (I have 2published) singing and outdoor stuff.
My e-mail addy is
My website is :
We have't picked out a name yet! but we both like Tabitha. and i also like Brandon for a boy. I'm enjoying meeting all you other Expecting Moms!

P.S. i have webtv so i can't send any pictures!

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