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Name used on List: Andrea
Private Email address:
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When I joined this list: September 1998
Location on the earth: Santa Rosa, Ca (60 miles north of San Francisco)

About us:

Esteban and I are both 30. We  were high school sweethearts, and we went
together for 4 1/2 years before splitting up.  We found each other again 3
1/2 years later and have been together ever since!  While we were apart, he
fathered three children, Ashley and Stephine 12/31/88 and Steven 1/17/91 who
we have custody of.  We got married on Oct 5, 1992 -  I got pregnant that
week and nine months later, we had Christopher!  We wanted another little
angel so when Christopher was two, he became the big brother of Carla Rae!
Esteban decided to pursue an engineering degree so we agreed to wait for
another baby until he graduated in 2001.  Well, I guess someone wanted to be
born a bit sooner!!  I am due to have my third little sweetie on May 3,
1999 - we can't wait!!!

Here is Ashley and Stephine at their third birthday with their daddy. 

And here is Christopher who was~> two at the time, holding his new little sister Carla who was two days old.
This is me, my mom, Glenda and my Nana, Louise with Christopher when he was only two days old And how is is Steven? Yep here he is at 3 1/2!!

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